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Call me JD. Southern Cali. 21. GTO. UFC. IG: j.d7

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elvirusantrax replied to your photo: lol her and my damn eyes.


i know right you like those shits!!

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supremebooobies replied to your post: ask me shit, i need to get my mind off things.

Post a pic if yourself ! Haha

lol i did the other day.

its once a year type of thing

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xocutiesovouqe replied to your photo: these thooo! hay nomas pa la janean XD.

Eaaahh eaahh ! Ajaajaj y no pasa nada! ;)

asi es xp

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modern-iconoclast replied to your video: este guey tardo un putero. 

This one always cracks me up. Pinches trancazos con ese pinche poste de Telmex. xD

hahaha i know right pinche ultima letra..

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blahblahchinadoll replied to your photo: wait whattt! you dont know me but you ask for a…


L O L thanks!

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barbiemichoacana replied to your post: barbiemichoacana replied to your post: all these…

Personally I really don’t think their as pretty as people exaggerate them to be. And I completely agree with you

great minds think alike

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adiilenee replied to your photo: Tubutama.



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gutierrez1981 reblogged your video: suicide in polish station. They forgot to pat him…


lmfao funnist reply to a suicide video

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te-apesta-el-culo reblogged your photo: Drug Cartel Skins Man Alive, Cuts Hands Off, Leave…

It was probably La Guera Loca. That bitch is crazy, surely a bitch you would not want to fuck over.

nah la guera loca ya murio

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